Data matrices

  • Both matrices \(A\) and \(P\) must be in Compressed Sparse Column (CSC) format using zero-based indexing.

  • The order of the rows of \(A\) must be in the order that the cones appear in the cones table.

  • The rows of \(A\) corresponding to semidefinite cones (as well as the rows of \(b\)) must be handled carefully, as described in Semidefinite cones.

  • The matrix \(P\) must be symmetric positive semidefinite and only the upper triangular part of \(P\) should be passed in.

  • If \(P = 0\) for your problem then you can set the P entry to NULL in the Data struct. \(A\) must always be non-NULL.

See the ScsMatrix struct for the concrete implementation in the C api.