A wrapper on the different norm atoms. This is different from the standard "norm" method in the R base package. If p = 2, axis = NA, and x is a matrix, this returns the maximium singular value.

cvxr_norm(x, p = 2, axis = NA_real_, keepdims = FALSE)



An Expression or numeric constant representing a vector or matrix.


The type of norm. May be a number (p-norm), "inf" (infinity-norm), "nuc" (nuclear norm), or "fro" (Frobenius norm). The default is p = 2.


(Optional) The dimension across which to apply the function: 1 indicates rows, 2 indicates columns, and NA indicates rows and columns. The default is NA.


(Optional) Should dimensions be maintained when applying the atom along an axis? If FALSE, result will be collapsed into an \(n x 1\) column vector. The default is FALSE.


An Expression representing the norm.

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