The MatrixStuffing class.

# S4 method for MatrixStuffing,Problem
perform(object, problem)

# S4 method for MatrixStuffing,Solution,InverseData
invert(object, solution, inverse_data)



A MatrixStuffing object.


A Problem object to stuff; the arguments of every constraint must be affine.


A Solution to a problem that generated the inverse data.


The data encoding the original problem.

Methods (by generic)

  • perform(object = MatrixStuffing, problem = Problem): Returns a stuffed problem. The returned problem is a minimization problem in which every constraint in the problem has affine arguments that are expressed in the form A

  • invert( object = MatrixStuffing, solution = Solution, inverse_data = InverseData ): Returns the solution to the original problem given the inverse_data.