Conic solver class with reduction semantics.

# S4 method for ConicSolver,Problem
accepts(object, problem)

# S4 method for ConicSolver
reduction_format_constr(object, problem, constr, exp_cone_order)

# S4 method for ConicSolver
group_coeff_offset(object, problem, constraints, exp_cone_order)

# S4 method for ConicSolver,Solution,InverseData
invert(object, solution, inverse_data)



A ConicSolver object.


A Problem object.


A Constraint to format.


A list indicating how the exponential cone arguments are ordered.


A list of Constraint objects.


A Solution object to invert.


A InverseData object containing data necessary for the inversion.

Methods (by generic)

  • accepts(object = ConicSolver, problem = Problem): Can the problem be solved with a conic solver?

  • reduction_format_constr(ConicSolver): Return a list representing a cone program whose problem data tensors will yield the coefficient "A" and offset "b" for the respective constraints: Linear Equations: A Linear inequalities: A Second order cone: A Exponential cone: A Semidefinite cone: A

  • group_coeff_offset(ConicSolver): Combine the constraints into a single matrix, offset.

  • invert(object = ConicSolver, solution = Solution, inverse_data = InverseData): Returns the solution to the original problem given the inverse_data.